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Portfolio Management

Aligned with Your Life

Long-term investing Rolling Hills Estates, CA Darrell Capital Management, LLC

Helping You Reap
the Benefits 

Of Long-Term Investing

Our investment philosophy is grounded on the basic principle that capital markets reward investors over time.  As your portfolio manager, our objective is to capture the potential return of the markets by engineering an intelligently diversified portfolio designed to power you and your strategic plan toward your objectives.

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Our 7 Step Approach to Portfolio Management

Understand your perception of financial risk and reward

We will help you assess your ability and willingness to take financial risk

Determine the appropriate asset allocation

Asset allocation helps govern the volatility and return of your portfolio

Diversify among sub-asset classes

Varying sources of returns further diversifies your portfolio

Select appropriate portfolio components

Implement specific investment strategies to give you the highest probability of success over time

Actively rebalance your portfolio

Rebalance to take advantage of market conditions

Implement tax efficiency & cost effectiveness

Effectively managing taxes and internal portfolio costs are beneficial to portfolio returns

Maintain discipline during market volatility

We are here to guide you through thick and thin

Risk Assessment

Is Your Portfolio On the Right Track?

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Risk Management philosophy

Proactive Risk Management Focused on Your Goals

As your portfolio manager, our role is not only to position your portfolio to capture expected returns, but also to actively manage the uncertainties present in pursuing a return on your capital.

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